National Hampton Alumni Association

Dorothy M. Lee-Murray '80


It has been a wonderful and productive first year for the National Hampton Alumni Association, Inc.! We have accomplished several of our goals and hope to complete the remainder of our initiatives during our second fiscal year.

List of Accomplishments in 2014-2015:

  • Connect with HU students through a meet and greet reception during Founder’s Day weekend and presented a gift to the Freshmen Class of 2018.
  • Engage and connect with our alumni through the use of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Website, and conference calls).
  • Proposed revisions to the NHAA, Inc. Bylaws and initiating Standard Operating Procedures to provide Regions and Chapters with an efficient resource tool.
  • Implemented Risk Assessment procedures to minimize liability to the Association and the University.
  • Identified which Regions and Chapters are active and inactive, and removed the inactive chapters from our Group Exemption with the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Provided Regions and Chapters with best practices to assist in reaching our financial goals to the University.

The overall activities during Reunion weekend was a huge success where we greeted and embraced old friends and classmates from the Classes of “0” and “5”. The weather was fantastic all weekend and especially for Commencement Ceremony.

Some of the highlights of reunion weekend were:

  • The Class of 1965 was inducted into the Emeritus Class.
  • Reunion Classes and alumni donated over $1.8 million of our $2.5 million giving goal during the Alumni Banquet.
  • The Honorable John Lewis gave an encouraging and motivating word to the Class of 2015.
  • Our donor basis increased from 18% to 22% and we have donated an estimated $5 million of our $15 million goal for the University’s 150th anniversary year.
  • Memorial Service to honor and remember our Hamptonians who are resting in God’s care.
  • The Alumni Welcome Reception, Picnic and Banquet were
  • fantastic.
  • Alumni spent time reconnecting with their classmates, and
  • We welcomed the Class of 2015 into our Alumni Family.

There are so many people who worked tirelessly and diligently into the late night to make the entire weekend a success.

I personally would like to send a big Hampton Hug and heartfelt thank you to Mrs. Sharon Fitzgerald and her staff in the Office of Alumni Affairs, Mrs. Joy Jefferson, and all the volunteers who offered their support and assistance.

Thank you to all the members of the NHAA, Inc. Board of Directors who have also worked tirelessly in accomplishing the goals that we established as a TEAM! We have another year of goals and challenges to accomplish in 2015-2016.

Hamptonians, please continue to support our alma mater! Yes, we have donated over $1.8 million this year and our donor percentage increased, but we still have a lot of work in front of us. Let's show up and show out during fiscal year 2015-2016! We need to support our alma mater financially by raising the bar and reaching for that $2.5 million goal while increasing our donor base to 40%. Whatever amount you decide to donate, please know that the National Hampton Alumni Association and Hampton University is proud of you!

I pray that all the members of my Hampton Family have a blessed and wonderful summer vacation with your family and friends.

Please SAVE THE DATE for our NHAA, Inc. 12th Biennial Convention being held in Richmond, VA on August 4th through August 7, 2016 at the Westin Hotel.

Congratulations and welcome again to the newest members of our family…The Class of 2015!

On behalf of the NHAA, Inc. Board of Directors, we can never say thank you enough times for your support and encouragement.

With Hampton Love and Hugs,

Dorothy M. Lee-Murray 80'
National Hampton Alumni Association, Inc.

"Together… We Make A Difference"