National Hampton Alumni Association

Dorothy M. Lee-Murray '80

Greetings from the President of the National Hampton Alumni Association, Inc.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! As we welcome in 2015, take a moment to reflect on the past year and be grateful for all the experiences we had in order to be here today.  It does not matter what trials and tribulations you faced in 2014, what matters is the knowledge we gain from them.  God’s lessons teach us to be better so that we can continue to serve and praise Him on earth.

We have been blessed with a brand new year; another chance and opportunity for new possibilities, goals, and resolutions to become a better person!

As in past years, we have lost members of our Hampton family in 2014.  We will miss them very much, but God in His infinite wisdom has blessed and kept us here, and we are responsible for remembering their legacy, rededicating ourselves to the future of Hampton University and passing the Hampton family spirit to future alumni.  No one is promised tomorrow, it’s about what we can accomplish today…right now!

I challenge every alumnus in 2015 to become engaged in the NHAA, Inc. Join a local chapter! I’m confident that any contribution you make can assist in the betterment of the Association and Hampton University.

We have a goal of increasing our donor base by 10% and raising $2.5 million for 2014-2015 and we cannot accomplish this alone.  It is a goal that everyone can participate in achieving.

We need to keep the holiday giving spirit alive throughout the year and develop an attitude of gratitude and giving.  We are HAMPTONIANS: competitive, innovative, supportive, creative, and loyal to our classmates and our alma mater, Hampton University!  We strive for EXCELLENCE!

Encourage and engage a fellow Hamptonian to give, especially if this will be their first donation to Hampton University, which would help to increase our donor base.  Check with your employer to see if they would match your donation.  Ask friends and family members to give a tax – deductable gift. Designate your donation to a specific area. Don’t forget to add your class and NHAA, Inc. chapter code to the donation so they will receive credit as well. It does not matter the amount of the donation, because every dollar is important and significant.  The students and the University need our financial support!
What would you do if there was no more Hampton University, no more Alumni Days, Homecomings, or Reunion Weekends?  How would you feel if the beautiful waterfront campus we love to visit is no longer there or accessible to us?  Those are questions I pray we will never have to answer, but if we don’t support our alma mater, it is a possibility!

I pray that every member and extended member of the Hampton Family is blessed with a Happy New Year filled with an abundance of love, peace, prosperity, and God’s mercy and grace!

In the Spirit of Hampton,

Dorothy M Lee-Murray ‘80
President – NHAA, Inc.